What is Handle?

We know social media brand awareness is crucial for your business growth. In the current digital age of mobile and social accessibility it has become a necessity to have a presence on all social media platforms.

We understand posting content shouldn’t distract you from running your business and that engaging with your target audience shouldn’t be tedious or restricted to repetitive interactions. 

We also know that accountability is vital, tracking your ROI and understanding stats and analytics shouldn’t be a minefield to understand.

Thankfully, we have the perfect solution.


What Powers Handle?

The Handler


Our comprehensive broadcast engine allows you to post content to Facebook (including pages, profiles and groups), Instagram (including stories and carousels), multiple LinkedIn pages and profiles, Twitter accounts and Pinterest boards.


Precisely engage with carefully selected audiences on Instagram and Twitter using our powerful targeting tools driven by hashtag and geographical search algorithms. Then, interact directly using our built-in suite of engagement tools.


Full accountability, detailed statistics and analytics on everything you could ever ask for. Evaluate your campaigns, measure your effectiveness and see how you compare with your competitors. Everything you need to plan and predict your future growth.

Do more with your content

Suggested posting times, hashtags and more...

One-click suggested hashtags and emojis to maximise the potential of your content.

We read your content and suggest the best times to schedule. That way you'll reach more people and get more engagement.

Tag your locations on your Instagram posts and engage within a specific location.

Detailed Facebook, Twitter and Instagram analytics

The Handler...but expanded

More than any other scheduling tool



Post to Facebook pages and groups, Instagram (including  stories), LinkedIn accounts and pages, Twitter accounts, Pinterest boards. Plus, with features constantly being added all the time, the opportunity for social engagement is endless.

We analyse your content as you type and suggest the best time, best performing hashtags and emojis to maximise your engagement.



Find and engage with your target audience and grow your Instagram and Twitter brands. 

Our engagement tools ensure you're targeting based on relevancy, and that includes location based targeting.


Increase Your Organic Reach

Our unique algorithms and relationships increase your organic reach on your Facebook page.

You work hard and spend money to drive likes to your page, we help reduce your paid boosts  and increase your reach.


Results & Analytics

Tracking your ROI is vital to any business. We make understanding and accessing your analytics easy.

Handle gives you many export options such  as CSV, PDF, JPG and many more. Our Instagram analytics also allow you to predict your future growth and allows you to check your competitor analytics. 



Not everyone is constantly logged on to every social media channel, so posts can get lost in the "abyss" - especially Twitter and Instagram posts.

So, with our repeat post function, you can ensure more people see your content.

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Save time, save money and make money....

We work systematically to integrate corporate responsibility in our core business and make our expertise available for the benefit of the societies where we operate.
  • Save time when scheduling and posting your content, get told the best time to post in order to maximise your engagement
  • Perfect for large sites or agencies managing multiple clients and brands.
  • Our easy-to-use control panel and API lets you build within your own systems

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