Our broadcast engine expands your scheduling across many social platforms


Post and schedule beyond other scheduling tools…

  • Post to unlimited pages and groups
  • Post videos, images, links and even schedule a video to go live!
  • When posting to your Facebook page we also increase your organic reach between 10 – 45% depending on how enriched the content is
  • Group your groups for easier posting management
  • Edit your images with our advanced image editor

Past & Present Results

Delve into the past and compare historical results from before using Handle to after and let the results speak for themselves

Repeat Scheduling

Auto-recycle content by repeating your posts hourly, daily or weekly to simply and conveniently increase your social exposure

Increase Your Organic Reach

We help you reduce your paid advert spend by increasing your organic reach on your Facebook pages


Post and schedule beyond other scheduling tools… Instagram posting from the desktop has never been easier

  • Post any content including videos
  • Post and schedule your stories - including adding swipe up links for 10k+ follower accounts
  • Tag other people and get hashtag suggestions
  • Own the first comment at the same time of posting your content
  • Tag a location without the need of GPS

LiinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest

Taking the time away for managing multiple accounts…

  • Post any content including videos
  • Post to multiple LinkedIn accounts and pages
  • Post to multiple Twitter accounts
  • Post to Pinterest boards
  • Auto add hashtags and emojis

We've gone beyond just scheduling your content