• Client :CSP Recruitment


We were spending a huge amount on Facebook ads and a lot of time posting into Facebook groups, since finding Handle, we have reduced our paid spend by 80% and our time saved is astounding. We then took this one step further by getting an integrated system, which meant we saved that much more time.

Our goal was to keep a high presence on social media whilst not impacting our day to day operations, using Handle helps us achieve this as well asĀ  reducing our online costs.

Reaching a passive candidate market was something we were eager to get into, after trying many methods – Handle proved to be the most effective.

  • Facebook posting
  • Twitter posting
  • Instagram posting
  • LinkedIn posting
  • Custom integration
  • Multiple users
  • Approve to post
  • Detailed ROI reports
  • Instagram automation engagement
  • Twitter attract engagement
  • Long term contract
  • Dual supporrt