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ThinkinCircles is a Digital Strategy Agency and one of our key services is social media management, so we needed a solid platform to manage all our clients channels through.

We have used several systems in the past, ranging from free to very expensive, but none were ever 100% what we needed.
The first time the team took me through the Handle platform I was blown away. The system had 90% of what we need plus loads of features that we never knew we needed.
The feature to build instagram campaigns is a particular favorite. This helps us automate the process of engaging with new users.
We now manage all our clients social media through Handle and we are definitely seeing the difference in levels of engagement, follows and traffic.
The platform is always being updated and the customers service is second to none. The Handle team are always available to help with any issues or training.
  • Manages multiple brands
  • Has multiple users using system
  • Using scheduling
  • Has user approve feature
  • Posting to Facebook groups & Pages
  • Posting to instagram and stories
  • Posts and managing twitter accounts
  • Using image editor
  • Using instagram engage tools
  • Using twitter engage tools
  • Using 500k royalty free images
  • Obtains organic reaches over 45%

Step 01

Gather all information

We found out which tools ThinkinCircles used and was currently using.

We then found out which features they most used, which they lacked and how many  brands they were managing.

We also looked at how much time and money they were spending  managing their client base on posting content.


Step 02

Find Solution & Solve it

Our aim was to reduce the  time spent ThinkinCircles took to post and schedule content. Our unique multi broadcast engine reduced their time  spent up to 90%.

Our smart suggest feature helped maximise their engagement  by reaching their established audience base and advised the most engaging  times to schedule their content.

Too much time was spent finding relevant tweets and instagram posts to interact and engage with. Our engagement tools have since grown their brands followers by 200% which are all relevant followers.


Step 03

Finally Get the Result

Once our engagement and broadcast tools were in place, training  given and the system was put to to work, ThinkinCircles have seen :

  • Facebook page organic reach increased
  • Huge rates or engagement
  • Constant followers interacting with posted content
  • Happy clients