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Our system allows you to post to your Facebook pages and any groups that you have joined.

As many as you are joined to, if  you have lots of groups, you can categorise your groups for faster access – as well as searching all your groups.

If  you post right away, it takes a few minutes to post on your page. If you’re posting to a lot of groups, we stagger them so they do not all go at the same time. Sometimes the admin of the group has to approve to post,  this is beyond our control and you have to wait until it’s been approved.

Yes, you have up to 15 mins before the scheduled post is due to be posted.

You can schedule any content – videos, images, multi-images, links, carousels… 

You can even schedule your instagram story post or even a pre-recorded video to go live on  Facebook.


Yes, as long as the instagram account is public it takes 24 hours for our system to generate full reports.

No, we can only show you Instagram results from the day you add the account.

Only Facebook pages allow us to get historic data.

Our Instagram reports can be exported in PDF.

Our Facebook results can be  exported in PDF, CSV, Excel, PNG, SVG and JPG.


We have many :-

Instagram –
Quick Like, Quick Comment, Background Automated Engagement Campaigns, DMs to followers or who you follow

Twitter – 
Like / Retweet on target keyword & location, Follow users based on keyword, DM your followers

Others TBA

It’s not a magic wand and won’t happen overnight. The more time you put into using the tools, the more you will get from them.

No, it is extremely unlikely – We operate within the throttle limits set by the APIs – however, running other servers alongside ours could risk your account being  flagged.

Yes, we have blacklist control – we pre-populate in the background naughty and offensive words but we also allow you to add to this list as well as blacklisting accounts so ensuring you do not engage with your competitors.

Yes, you have control over all the filters such as what content images or videos, how old the content is, how many likes the content has… and so many more controls ensuring you hone your relevant engagement.


We allow unlimited users.

Yes, you can set who has to have content approved and who approves that post. You can edit, delete or approve the post instantly.

Yes, with our image editor, you  can add text, stickers, draw, overlay images and much more in a few clicks.

Yes, we provide 500k royalty-free images for you to search and use as you wish.

Yes however this is only on Instagram at the moment.

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